Christmas in Kansas City – More than Plaza Lights

(originally published 12/5/19) Understandably, when Kansas City pictures itself at Christmas, those pictures are often of the Country Club Plaza lights. Celebrating its 90th year of official lighting (decorating actually began informally as early as 1923), it’s considered one of “the” lighting displays in America. While the Plaza lights are a tradition to embrace, KansasContinue reading “Christmas in Kansas City – More than Plaza Lights”

Art in Search of a Home – Park 2: “Man in Despair” UPDATE

(originally published 4/4/2019) Last week’s piece, in case you missed it, recounted the short, sad saga of a sculpture entitled “Man in Despair,” and its search for a permanent home during the mid-1980s. When last we left it, the statue had found a home in front of the Parks Department’s building at 39th & Gilham.Continue reading “Art in Search of a Home – Park 2: “Man in Despair” UPDATE”

Art in Search of a Home – “Man in Despair”: Part 1

(originally published 3/28/19) In Kansas City, it’s hard to tell what will spark a controversy, particularly around a subject like art with its landmines at the crossroads of individual tastes, cultural message, and societal norms. We loved it in 1979 when Cristo wrapped the Loose Park sidewalks in golden lengths of nylon, but when theContinue reading “Art in Search of a Home – “Man in Despair”: Part 1”