Of Witches, Elves, and Chivalry: Brookside’s Christmas Pageant of 1921

(originally published 12/12/19) Christmas came early for me, in the form of a flood of great Christmas-related photos and stories. I hadn’t planned to dedicate most of this month’s posts to the holiday, but this bounty of history changed my mind. I started last week with a photo montage about Christmas events in Kansas CityContinue reading “Of Witches, Elves, and Chivalry: Brookside’s Christmas Pageant of 1921”

Christmas in Kansas City – More than Plaza Lights

(originally published 12/5/19) Understandably, when Kansas City pictures itself at Christmas, those pictures are often of the Country Club Plaza lights. Celebrating its 90th year of official lighting (decorating actually began informally as early as 1923), it’s considered one of “the” lighting displays in America. While the Plaza lights are a tradition to embrace, KansasContinue reading “Christmas in Kansas City – More than Plaza Lights”

Kansas City Christmas – 1918

(originally published 12/20/2018) One hundred years is a long time, more than the average lifetime. And since most of us won’t live that long, it’s easy to think of 100 years ago as an abstraction, something difficult to imagine, and almost certainly different than today. One hundred years ago this time of year, throughout KansasContinue reading “Kansas City Christmas – 1918”