Locked in a Forgotten Safe

(KC 1900 Series: # 1) TO THE MAYOR AND MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL During a recent audit and survey of the Municipal Auditorium, there came to our attention an old safe in the control room. The combination was not available and no one appeared to be familiar with its contents. It was deemed advisable toContinue reading “Locked in a Forgotten Safe”

Silver Screens and Curtain Calls: The Waldo Theatre Building

(originally published 2/6/20) This is from my 2012 book The Waldo Story. It’s a segment on the many lives of one corner in Waldo that holds a lot of memories for a lot of folks. At the time of the book, that corner was still healing from a major fire five years earlier. Having livedContinue reading “Silver Screens and Curtain Calls: The Waldo Theatre Building”

Brookside’s Big Fire: The Brookside Theatre Building

(originally published 1/24/19) Having a theatre in Brookside had been a big part of the dream of Harry Jacobs, the developer who, in 1937, built it on most of the east side of what is today Brookside Plaza, one block east of Brookside Boulevard. Jacobs called it the Brookside Theatre Building, because in addition toContinue reading “Brookside’s Big Fire: The Brookside Theatre Building”