Keeping the Past in the Present: The Brookside Shops

(originally published 2/21/19)

With this post, KCBackstories began the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Brookside Shops. In 2010, the shops were the subject of my first KC history book, and there had been sufficient and significant changes in the subsequent decade for my publisher, Arcadia Publishing/History Press, to support a revised special anniversary edition. Consequently, they invited me to be a guest blogger on their site, which resulted in the following post:

Keeping the Past in the Present: The Brookside Shops

I ultimately ended up including several additional posts in 2019/2020 highlighting Brookside’s special birthday. When those reappear here, they will be labeled as BKS 100 stories.

(Photo: One block of the Brookside Shops on 63rd Street between Wornall Road and Brookside Boulevard, circa 2015)

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